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          China, the World Manufacturing Center, is no longer, actually, a simple and cheap parts source; high precision CNC machined parts and more valgue added products, like top quality gear boxes are now available. Since 2005, we have worked, intensively, on more value added components, like gear boxes, meeting customers’ demands and exigency.  Tell us your requirement about the ratio and the distance between two gears and we do the balance for you
          If you are challenged by engineering, quality, price, lead-time and delivery, please call us!


          Our engineers have been working for foundries and machining shops for years and they know the procedures and industry standards, material and heat treat. Experience could help our clients to improve the design and make projects easier to be realized and more economic. Engineering drawing can be made by our engineers if our clients just send us a sample.


          Custom Made ERP system was made to manage all Drawings, Orders, Quality Files, Warehousing, Delivery and Payment Records. Information is clear, organized and synchronously shared correctly within our staff.


          Engineers periodically visit our suppliers to verify raw material files, do process status & quality audit, solve problem during manufacturing, double check packaging and shipping marks. We know order status and relay such information to our customers.


          We are ISO 9001 certified and we choose our partners per the same standard. Final Quality Files (Dimensional Report, Material Certificate, Digital Photos, and Other Documents required) are always sent to our clients before goods are put on board.


          CONTACT US

          Shandong Fordy Import & Export Co., Ltd