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          About us

          Shandong Fordy Import & Export Co., Ltd is an independent legal person subsidiary of Fordy group industry limited, which operates Import & Export business. Fordy group registered capital is about 500 million RMB specializing in agricultural implements, components of agricultural machinery and construction machinery. The production capacity is distributing in Weifang and Wuxi city, and become the leader of casting and machining company in Shandong province.



          The factory has 500TON, 400TON, 280TON, 260TON, 160TON, 125TON die casting machines, the main products is aluminum alloy and zinc alloy casting, which providing to Deutz Engine, Steyr Engine and Baldwin filter; three Investments casting workshop, main product is carbon steel and alloy steel casting,supplying hydraulic cylinder accessory to Europe market such as Denmark, Germany and The United Kingdom; ten sand casting workshop, specializing in components of agricultural machinery and construction machinery, the maximum of product is about 100,000 ton.


          Our gear is produced with casting, forging, shaving, tooth cutting and heat treatment process. We introduce customized forging preform from buyers and cuts teeth and quenching the gear by itself. It can design and control all the craft process parameters itself, which make it possible to control the delivery time and quality. Also the famous experts in China as the technical consultant assure the design and development of the gear.


          CMC Stamping Workshop has two 500ton deep drawing machines and ten stamping machine.


          The workshop includes Shear Machine; CNC Punching Machine; Laser, Plasma, Water jet Cutting Machine; Combination Machine; Bending Machine.

          The workshop have one 8 tons hydraulic press, 3 tons hydraulic press, C41-1050KG air hammer and C41-750KG air hammer, can produce all kinds of forging less than 8 tons. also include 18,000 tons SPKA11200 clutch screw press (Germany Harson) 2,500 tons of friction Press.The Testing equipment includes Ultrasonic tester, Brinell hardness gauge, impact testing machine, tensile testing machine.


          The tube workshop have six pipe bending machines, include CNC serial of automatic pipe bending machine, Double-head pipe bending machine, Press bending machine; four steel cutting machine include Air Semi-automatic, Hydraulic Semi-automatic, Hydraulic automatic type; four end forming machine include Automatic pipe-end shaping machine, Double-end pipe shaping machine, Taper pipe-end cone former.


          We have three 5 Axis Machinings; five Vertical Milling and Turning; ten CNC lathe; ten Grinding machines and five CNC Milling machines. The machinery subsidiary of Fordy group and the corporation companies, which providing all kinds of sand casting, investment casting, cast aluminum alloy, and the machining of body; structural parts to FOTON tractor, Weichai power and Steyr Engine. We take "quality first, prestige first, delivery promptly, price reasonable" as our tenet, will work together with all customers from all over the world to establish the cooperation with our most reliable products quality and most satisfactory service.

          CONTACT US

          Shandong Fordy Import & Export Co., Ltd